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July 2013. Nanometics obtains the exclusive worldwide rights to a library of transition state inhibitors for triple negative breast cancer.  The compounds originated in the laboratory of Dr. Vern Schramm and Nanometics is currently developing these drugs as oral anti-cancer therapeutics.

Nanometics Wins $2.6 million Phase II SBIR award from NHLBI

Nanometics Collaborates With New York University

Nanometics Wins Phase I SBIR award from NCI

At Nanometics, we are pioneering innovative approaches to novel molecules, polymers and materials for the personal care and pharmaceutical markets.  

Personal Care: Our research scientists are developing novel materials for all aspects of personal care, and many of these game-changing technologies are currently available for license.

Pharmaceutical: Our pharmaceutical research program is currently focused on using an innovative platform approach to treat diseases with high unmet medical need.  These include sickle cell disease, HIV and cancer.  The Nanometics pharmaceutical program is currently funded by the National Institute of Health and private funding. Nanometics' world-class team of researchers and clinicians position the company to realize the promise of translating innovative discoveries into oral medications for patients around the globe.

21.10.13 - Nanometics Wins Avon Award
Nanometics has won a $100,000 award from the Avon Foundation to support the development of its oral therapeutic, dubbed "MTDIA", for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).  MTDIA is a picomolar transition state inhibitor that is being advanced into the clinic for
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